Mummy and Me Sessions have officially Kicked Off!

Mummy and Me Sessions Officially Kicked Off

Mummy and Me Sessions for 2019 have officially kicked off! Anyone that has seen my sessions would of heard me talk about how much I love doing them. You see there is something super special about getting a Mum with their babies to just hang out and capture those special moments. For me as an adult I look back and sadly I don’t actually know if I have any photos of just my Mum and I or even with all of my siblings when we were young. Now as an adult I would cherish those photos and they would be completely priceless. Even though we take selfies with our babies (some of us do), we aren’t really in the moment and it’s not the same. It’s all about those tight squeeze hugs, those tender kisses, those soft touches and those loving looks. It’s all about your story as a Mother. When our babies grow up they will want to have those memories to look back on and pass on to their babies with you in them. And Dad’s!!! Your wife will love you forever for organising a session.

Sascha and her Tribe

Sascha and her babies were the lucky winners of my give-away I did recently on my Facebook page. After the session we got talking and Sascha told me it had been 10 years since she had photos and 2 of her babies were not even born. I would love to say I was shocked but sadly I wasn’t. Unfortunately it’s a common thing I hear with people always meaning to get photos but always putting it off for one reason or another. I mean come on I get it, life gets busy! My best advise is to just book a date and pay a deposit. Once a date is locked in you just make it happen. If you want to book but have some questions, just send me an email or give me a call. I’d love to answer your questions and put your mind at ease.

Mummy and Me Sessions are almost fully booked with just 1 session left. I do have a few gift vouchers left for sessions to be held in the weeks after Mothers Day so my if you are thinking about it get in contact today or you may miss out. I am also taking bookings for family sessions for May through to June 2019. Feel free to contact me using the tab below for more information. Bookings for Mummy and Me session can be done here

Kristy xx

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