Mini Sessions Versus Full Sessions, What is best for your Family?

Mini Sessions Versus Full Sessions, What is best for your Family?

I am often asked lots of questions in relation to my sessions and the difference between the mini and full sessions. I decided to write a short blog to cover some of the most commonly asked questions. A mini sessions versus full sessions rundown.

MINI Sessions

I hold mini sessions a few times throughout the year for a few different reasons. Sometimes it is to celebrate special times like Christmas (which are themed). Other times to celebrate Mother’s Day which are always the perfect gift for Mum’s and Grandmothers. And sometimes I will have them as a little special throughout the year.

Mini sessions generally will have a 10-30 minute time frame. In a 30 minute mini session I aim to capture a minimum of 10 images for the client (5 for a 15 minute session). However this can be higher if the session goes smoothly. Location is always selected by me depending on the time of year. And sessions are usually back to back so we have to run on time.
They are priced between $75 and $150 for the sitting which usually includes a print and or a few digitals.


Who are Mini sittings best suited to?

  • They usually work well for families with toddlers with short attention spans however if your child is on the shy side. Or If they need extra attention for some reason such as a disability etc, I recommend a full session over a mini giving more time for your child to feel comfortable.
  • Families who just want a few updated images.
  • Those families with older children who can follow instructions easily, and aren’t shy or individual children.
  • Families who are on a tight budget but are happy with just a few quality images for their wall.


Who are they NOT suitable for?

  • Newborn under the age of 3 months due to time restrictions. I have offered this for newborns in the past but found they are too unpredictable to get good images for the parents.
  • Families who would like a large combination of different images ie, siblings, family, Mum and kids etc as we generally don’t have the time.
  • Those who would like to select their location and have more input on their session and have in mind exactly what they’d like from a session.


With my mini sessions, you are given the chance to purchase more images whether that be prints or digitals, however this is not a must. Everyone’s needs are different and some decide to purchase all of their gallery images where others are happy to select their prints and or digitals that are included in the mini session fee. Outdoor sessions and upgrades are a little more expensive than studio sessions due to the limited times I can shoot these and the extra editing involved in the galleries however they are always the first to sell out.

The session fee is paid before your session but additions can be purchased after viewings.

mummy and me mini session

Full Sessions

Full sessions are perfect for families who haven’t had family photos for a while, those who have extra shy children or children with disabilities and or need extra attention. I don’t have a time frame on these sessions meaning we can take our time and make you and your children comfortable. On average they generally run for 45-60 minutes. I also never book in another session straight after a full session. This allows the flexibility and time freedom to get to know your children to get the best photos possible for you.

You also get creative input into the session and the freedom to create your ‘ideal’ portrait for your family. Whether your family is into the beach, studio or have another location in mind. I work with you to select a location that will suit your vision. We can even look at getting a stylist involved if you really want to go all out and get that extra special session. Attention to detail with clothing etc can make a huge difference in the final product. In a full family session I aim to get a minimum of 25 images for selection. However it’s not uncommon to get a lot more which usually includes combinations of family, Mum with kids, Dad with kids, individual children etc

mini session rockingham

SO I hope this short blog has helped clarify what my mini sessions are and whether they would be suited to your situation or not. It is important that you choose the session type that is best suited to your needs. I am always happy to discuss with you if you are unsure at all on what session type will best be suited to you and your family. Every family is different after all. I’m looking forward to releasing my Mothers Day Mini Sessions. They will be held over the first week of the April School Holidays and Dates will be announced soon. Further dates may be announced depending on when my booked newborns arrive.

mothers day perth photo mini sessions


Remember these mini sessions are extremely popular and sell out fast so booking as soon as they are released is a must. Release will be done first in my VIP group on Facebook (be sure to add yourself if you wish to get first look at booking dates and times) and then later on my facebook page.

VIP Group access –

For full information on my standard Family sessions head over to my website where you can find full package information and pricing.


Kristy xx

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