The Beauty Of Nude Maternity

The Beauty Of Nude Maternity

Pregnancy. I would have to say as a women it is the most incredible times of our lives and as I get older I feel a sense of privilege. Not only for being able to carry 4 healthy babies to term myself but also being able to capture this amazing time in my clients lives. I know during pregnancy it’s sometimes hard to see ourselves as beautiful as our body is changing so rapidly. But trust me looking back with nothing from that time from mine, it is something you will treasure in years to come. I mean it’s sometimes think it’s more scary than beautiful but I see the beauty in ever bump and it brings me so much joy to be able to celebrate the womens body in these beautiful nude portraits I am now offering in studio.

It was so wonderful to capture these elegant and graceful images for my beautiful friend Corinna that she can treasure forever. The womens body doing something only we can do in it’s purest form.

Kristy xx


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