Baby Bump Number 4 – Hayley and Alex

I truly believe that people come into your life each to teach you lessons in life. That goes for friends, family and even clients. I first met Hayley and Alex back in 2013 when they were pregnant with their first little boy. They had been given the devastating news that he had a congenital heart defect and would not survive once earth side. As you can imagine it was devastating news for them.

Our first meeting was in the studio doing an early maternity session so Hayley had those memories frozen of carrying this beautiful baby. I won’t lie, it was hard for them, and hard for me as I just couldn’t fathom what they must be feeling.

They then went on to have their little man and named him Jaxon.

Now you probably hear me say it all the time but it’s times like this that really makes me realise how precious my job as a professional photographer is. One of my favourite quotes is “You never know the value of a photograph until it’s all you have left.” I feel that photographs capture not only a memory frozen in time but makes you remember the touch, the smell, the feelings – everything about that single moment that has stood still in time. And that right there is priceless. That is something that day when I met this gorgeous couple truly was engrained so deeply in my soul that I know it has made me a better person and photographer for.

maternity photographer perth

Pregnant with Jaxon

As devastating as our first meeting was, I have been so lucky to capture their parenthood journey as they welcomed Ryder and the little Everly.

Baby Bump Number 4


So I want to remind you all to Capture your moments just like Hayley and Alex have done. Don’t keep putting it off because life is too precious. Photography is one of the rare things that you can invest in that only gets more valuable over the years that pass.

Kristy xx

To donate to Heart Kids Australia for children born with congenital heart defects you can do so here –

Kristy Lee

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