Investing in my Professional Growth

The Baby Summit 2018

Each year I invest in my professional development to become the best photographer I can be. I thrive on learning, gaining knowledge and being inspired by others in the industry. This year, like last year I invested in 4 days in Queensland to attend The Baby Summit . I learnt, I laughed (a lot), and cried. And I met new amazing photographer friends and I was inspired more than ever before.

Kelly Brown – Little Pieces Photography, Elena Shumilova Photography, Noelle Mirabella Photography and Jerry and Melissa (to name a few), one word – AMAZING! They are truly  inspiring and such incredible teachers and so much gratitude for them all for sharing their knowledge so openly. I’m so sad that this was the last Baby Summit for Australia. But for now I am forever grateful for being able to embrace it these last few years. I truly believe that as professional photographers it is part of our job to keep on learning, keep on perfecting our art. After all it is the art, the memories that will be treasured by our clients families for generations to come. We have a pretty special job.

Please excuse the poor phone camera quality images BUT I was 100% focused on learning and not photos this past week. I did manage to snap a few (or steal them from friends). After a few days of trying to let it all sink in and getting home after a whirlwind trip. I am feeling refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to go create some beautiful art! 

Kristy xxperth baby photographer


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Kristy Lee

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