Gemma’s Family – Perth Family Photographer

Gemma’s Family – Perth Family Photographer

This year has certainly been a strange year for everyone. Closing my doors during lockdown for Perth from the end of April for a few months really made me realise how much I missed and loved my job as a family photographer. I was so happy that when I able to open the doors again at the end of May that I had a number of beautiful families lined up ready to go. So many of them saying to me how lockdown had made them realise how they were missing those precious photos over the years on their walls.

I think in this day and age, we are so busy that time just gets away from us and before we know it we are 5-10 years down the track with no family photos to show for it. Or we get photos of our babies and don’t get in the photos ourself. I am totally guilty of this myself. Waiting until I loose some weight or that magical day when I  think I would feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Which is actually crazy considering it’s my job to make others feel comfortable in front of the camera so know that a great professional photographer will make you feel that way.

Anyway, I had so much fun with Gemma and her family. I had met her babies for a Christmas Session before so was so happy that Gemma was jumping in some photos this time. She had requested a shoot at her property and to be honest I am always a little wary of this. The reasons are usually because I have specific locations I use because I know those specific locations give my clients a few different looks for their session, I know the lighting and what to expect from it so I can give my clients the best results. However when I asked Gemma to send me photos of their property I was like OF COURSE we can do your session there. It was perfect with autumn leaves everywhere with stunning light coming in over the west. I couldn’t of picked a better place myself.


This time of year from Autumn through early spring is my favourite time of year to do outdoor family sessions. Most are scared off by the cooler weather but the truth is, Perth in Summer has harsh sunsets over the ocean with crazy winds. This time of year the days that aren’t washed out are generally stunning sunsets, soft lighting, calmer winds and just so perfect for outdoor family photos. Not to mention the snuggles under the blankets you get to keep warm.


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